Seed List 2019/20

Welcome to our new seed list, we hope you will find something of interest. Most seeds from Sichuan and Yunnan have been collected by us, and should be true to picture and name. Seeds from other provinces, and some from Yunnan have been bought in, but we are confident in our suppliers. Seeds are packed in paper envelopes or ziplock bags labelled with the collection number. Ephemeral seeds have been kept refrigerated, and come in ziplock bags. We usually ship by registered mail from Hong Kong, which on average takes about 10-14 days to arrive.

There is a new EU regulation going into effect in late December, requiring phytosanitary certificates for any amount of seeds sent into the union. We do not yet know how this will play out, but we guarantee arrival of all orders until further notice! It will not yet affect orders shipped to the UK or Norway.

Swedish customers: We advice against ordering moist/refrigerated seeds as they often mold in Customs.

We are willing to send, but do not accept any responsibility for orders to New Zealand. (We have, however, sent multiple orders there over the last five years without any problems.)

American customers: Please read this!

Japanese customers: Please read this!

We can unfortunately no longer accept seed or bulb orders from Australia or the Ukraine due to customs issues.

August Wu - info@chinesealpines.com